Welcome to my pages, dear Ocean Souls,

as you  probably already figured out, the name of this site relates to the finnish metal group NIGHTWISH, which has accompanied me through the last years.

As I have become a huge fan of this band ever since their second release called Oceanborn because of the strong lyrics and the epic metal/rock melodies, you will find some information of this band on these pages soon.

The second band I like to provide some details for is finnish Rock-Band ENTWINE, which I also adore because of the fantastic rocking hymns and the great voice of singer Mika, who is also  featured in another fantastic band called Shamrain.

Some of you might remember me from my previous GothicHeart-Webpage,  which I closed down a few years ago. You can now finally recover parts of it right here.  You can explore my dark past and my by far much happier present in the GothicHeart-Section and learn a lot more about me this way.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your  time staying here and find some interesting documents on this site.

GothicHeart, April 2008